Belden Line Level Analog Audio Cables are supplied by Allied Wire and Cable and meet the needs of a wide range of audio applications. They are suitable for use to connect line-level audio components, including CD and DVD players, televisions, amps, and audio mixing boards. 

Available with either one or two pairs, these cables are available in a wide range of constructions to meet the needs of diverse applications. Parts are available in high-flex, plenum, limited-smoke, and bonded constructions for easy stripping. Whether you are looking for Single-Pair Cable or Double-Pair Cable, Allied Wire and Cable has the Belden Cable you need.

Line Level Audio Cables are an appropriate choice for either permanent or semi-permanent installations only. The cables in this category should not be moved after installation. If you require an audio cable that can withstand movement while in use, please see our selection of Belden Microphone and Musical Instrument Cable.

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