Belden Microphone Cables are available in one, two, three, or four-conductor constructions. Single-conductor microphone cables are suitable for high-impedance microphones, while two, three, or four-conductor cables are ideal for low-impedance mics.

All of Belden’s microphone cables featuring bare copper conductors are made with high-conductivity copper. This type of conductor is created through a process called Electrolytic Tough Pitch, or ETP, which produces 99.95% pure copper. Because ETP copper cables are so pure, their microphone performance is comparable to oxygen-free copper cables. Using high-conductivity conductors is just another way Belden designs their cables for optimum performance.

The choice between plastic and rubber microphone cables will depend on the needs of your applications. Plastic cables are a good choice for applications requiring smaller diameters, lighter weight, lower capacitance, lower loss, and improved ozone and oil resistance. Rubber cables are a better choice for applications requiring more rugged cabling with impact and abrasion resistance. Rubber cable is not as stiff as plastic cable either, so it can lie flat on the floor.