Allied Wire and Cable offers a wide variety of Belden Cable products, including a full line of Belden Flat Cable, also known as Ribbon Cable or Planar Cable.

There are many benefits to working with Belden flat cable, including reliability, flexibility, strength, and easy handling. Because Belden ribbon cable is flat and thin, it is often lighter weight and less bulky than round cable options. Ribbon cable also provides consistent electrical performance and greater current carrying capacity than round cable alternatives.

Another benefit of Belden flat cable is that it can come in layers for better high-density interconnection applications. Belden ribbon cable can have easy termination since the conductors are grouped and may be handled as a unit instead of working with multiple individual conductors. Additionally, skewing effects are reduced because the consistency of the ribbon cable’s construction and electrical characteristics minimizes time delays between signal transmission within the cable.

We supply Belden flat cable in gray and rainbow variations. We also carry Vari-Twist cables, shielded and jacketed flat cables, and shielded and jacketed Vari-Twist cables.

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