Belden Vari-Twist Cables are part of Allied Wire and Cable’s inventory of ribbon cable and Belden Flat Cable. Vari-Twist cables have a special construction in which pairs are twisted to minimize signal interference. Adjacent pairs are twisted in opposite directions to reduce crosstalk even further in the balanced mode. Vari-Twist cables also allow for quick and easy mass termination in the flat sections of the cable using standard IDC connectors. 

Our inventory of Belden Flat Cable includes Vari-Twist cables in different constructions that meet different specifications. The 9V280XX Series Cable features stranded tinned copper conductors, PVC insulation, and PVC substrate. The 8V280XX Series Cable has a silver-plated copper conductor, FEP insulation, and FEP substrate. The FEP construction has a wider temperature range than its PVC counterpart. The FEP cable has a -70°C to 150°C temperature range, while the PVC cable has a range of -20°C to 105°C. However, the FEP ribbon cable has a lower voltage rating at 150V RMS, whereas the PVC planar cable’s rating is 300V RMS.

Both are high-quality, reliable products that perform to the highest standards in your internal interconnection and internal wiring applications. To see full specifications, click on the product links above. Not sure which one is best for your application? Call one of our Allied sales representatives today.