Belden manufactures several types of Gray Ribbon Cable, all of which are available from Allied Wire and Cable, an authorized Belden distributor. These flat cables are ideal for applications requiring cable with minimal bulk and weight. They are suitable for use in internal interconnection wiring and internal wiring applications.

Allied Wire and Cable carries all four series of Belden’s gray flat cable: 9L300XX, 2L280XX, 9L280XX, and 9L260XX. All are UL and CSA approved and pass the UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 flame tests. They all share a -40°C to 105°C temperature range as well.

The 9L300XX Series consists of 30 AWG cables with stranded tinned copper conductors and PVC insulation. This cable has a voltage rating of 150V RMS and meets UL Style 2678. Common application uses include internal interconnection wiring and the internal wiring of electronic equipment. Ribbon cables in this series may be considered as alternatives to Teflon transmission cables.

Belden's 2L280XX Ribbon Cables are 28 AWG with stranded tinned copper conductors and PVC insulation. They have a voltage rating of 300V and are 90-ohm cables. They also meet UL Style 2651. The design of these cables is specifically for the disk drive market, but these cables are also suitable for use in other internal wiring and internal interconnection applications.

The Belden 9L280XX Cable features 28 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors and PVC insulation. It has a voltage rating of 300V, is a 150-ohm cable, and meets UL Style 2651. This cable is suitable for use as general-purpose interconnect wiring and internal wiring for electronic equipment. Its flexibility and tear feature for easy breakouts make handling convenient.

Ribbon Cables in the 9L260XX Series have 26 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors and PVC insulation. They have 300V and 90-ohm ratings. They meet UL Style 2651 and are ideal for use in general-purpose electronic interconnect applications requiring higher current carrying capacities.

To see full specifications for any of these Belden ribbon cable options, click on the product links above. Have questions about any of our Belden cables? Call one of our Allied sales representatives today.