Belden Security Cable and Alarm Cable are available through Allied Wire and Cable, an authorized Belden distributor. These cables meet the performance demands of a wide range of security and alarm systems. All of these Belden Alarm Cables are NEC rated and parts are available in non-plenum, plenum, and riser-rated versions. You can choose from shielded, unshielded, multi-conductor or twisted pair constructions. Water-blocked alarm cable options are also part of Allied’s inventory of Belden security cables.

Non-plenum security cables from Belden include unshielded multi-conductor CM cablewater-blocked CM cable, and CM-rated twisted pair cable. These cables are ideal as general-purpose wiring and are suitable for use in security systems, intercom and PA systems, audio systems, and more. The unshielded multi-conductor CM-rated cable features bare copper conductors, polypropylene insulation, and a PVC jacket. The water-blocked CM-rated cables are available in shielded and unshielded constructions. They are also suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Belden's CM-rated shielded twisted pair cable with a conductor(s) is water-blocked and ideal for security and alarm systems that run through underground ductwork. Its twisted pair is Beldfoil shielded, the additional conductor(s) is insulated, and water-blocking tape forms an overall shield.

Riser-rated CMR cables and CL3R cables are available in shielded and unshielded multi-conductor versions. Twisted pair constructions are also carried in unshielded, individually shielded, overall shielded, and shielded twisted pair designs. All have approval for use in riser areas – or the space behind walls that run vertically from floor-to-floor in a building.

Plenum CMP and CL2P cables are also part of Allied’s vast selection of Belden security cables. Like the others, they are available in a wide range of constructions to provide you with a quality solution for your application. You can hoose from CMP unshielded twisted pair cable, CMP shielded twisted pair cable with conductors, overall shielded CMP cable with twisted pairs, and either CMP rated or CL2P rated multi-conductor plenum cable (shielded or unshielded).

With the wide variety of Belden cables that Allied Wire and Cable carries, you are sure to find a security cable or alarm cable well-suited to even the most challenging application.