Allied Wire and Cable is an authorized distributor of Belden Surveillance Cable. These cables are ideal for use in security systems featuring surveillance cameras. Products include coaxial cables, CCTV cable for closed-circuit television applications, and PTZ cable for Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. All of these cables are applicable in systems that monitor areas of certain buildings or public areas. CCTV systems often use PTZ cables. Unlike fixed cameras, these are able to move around and zoom in and out to change their view. As their name suggests, fixed cameras cannot move or change their view.

Belden Surveillance and CCTV Cables are available in non-plenum and plenum-rated versions. These cables meet National Electrical Code CM and CMP standards. To be sure you can find the best cable possible for your application, Allied Wire and Cable’s line of Belden Cable includes water-blocked coax, composite coax with a twisted pair, coax for CCTV and card readers, and UTP cable for CCTV and PTZ.

Allied Wire and Cable also carries a full line of Belden Banana Peel PTZ cables