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Belden Broadcast Cable

Allied is proud to supply Belden Broadcast Cables. These cables are designed to provide the high quality signal transmission the broadcast industry demands. With its broadcast cables, Belden strives to provide maximum signal integrity with zero system downtime. From cables built to handle tough in-the-field applications, to cables for permanent studio installations, Allied is sure to have the Belden cable you need.

Broadcast cables are included in Belden’s line of Brilliance Cable. As the name suggests, these cables are manufactured to provide “brilliant” audio and visual performance. Belden Brilliance Cable products include Speaker Wire, Snake Cable, RGB Cable, and much more. With sound and picture quality at the forefront of the design process, you can be sure that these cables will bring your broadcast application to life.

One of the most important aspects of any cable is its signal integrity. In the broadcast industry, this characteristic becomes even more important. The quality of the Audio Cable or Video Cable directly relates to the quality of the broadcaster’s final product. To ensure that signals stay as pure as possible, Belden provides a wide range of shielding options. From popular choices such as braid shielding and foil shielding, to Belden-exclusive shields such as Beldfoil combination shielding and French Braid shielding, there are cables available to meet every need. Belden’s French Braid shield consists of a double spiral shield in which the two spirals are tied together with a single weave. This design provides flexibility, flex life, and lower levels of noise.

For other broadcast cable products, like Microphone and Musical Instrument Cable, the triboelectric noise created when the cable is moved is a major concern. To combat this noise, Belden uses insulation options and conductive tapes in its cable constructions.

To learn more about Belden Broadcast Cables, and to see full product specifications, click on the links listed above. Have questions? Call one of our helpful Allied sales reps today!