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Belden Analog Multi-Pair Snake Cables

Belden multi-pair snake cables are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications in the broadcast industry. These high performance cables may be used in post-production studios, recording studios, TV stations, radio stations, and in sound system installations. They are designed to connect audio channels in low level and high level components, like those in console boards.

Multi-pair snake cables are available for permanent and temporary installations, and are offered in varying constructions to suit these different environments. When choosing cable for permanent installation, be sure to pay attention to NEC ratings. If you are looking for temporary-use cables, flexibility will probably be your biggest consideration. Be sure to take a look at Belden’s high-flex options.

This line has a cable solution for just about any broadcast application. The Belden 1200 Series offers low capacitance snake cable. 22 and 24 AWG cables are recommended for punch down connector applications. Belden snake cables are also available in several different constructions to make installation easier than ever. Individually shielded and jacketed options are ideal for pairs that must be separated from the jacket. Connectors can be used without the hassle of prep or heat shrink tubing.

Belden’s high performance snake cables are sure to meet and exceed your expectations for any broadcast application.