Allied Wire and Cable Distribution

Alpha Wire
Alpha Wire Specializes in Hook Up Wire, Xtra-Guard Flexible Cable, Data Communication Cable, Heat Shrink Tubing FIT Brand, Dearborn Marine Wire, Manhattan Electrical Cables, and Kerrigan-Lewis Specialty Wire. Their main products include XTRA•GUARD® Flexible Cables and FIT® Preferred Heat Shrink Tubing Products.
AIW Brand, now owned by Southwire, includes Building Wire, Control Cable, Cord Sets / Power Supply Cords, Portable Cord/Cable, Power Cable, Telecommunication Cable.
AMP, now owned by TE Connectivity (previously Tyco Electronics), specializes in Electrical and Electronic Connectors, Interconnection Systems.
Amphenol Specializes in Fiber Optic, Electronic and Electrical Connectors, Coaxial Cable and Ribbon Cable and Interconnect Systems. Their main products include Pyle National and Matrix.
Belden Specializes in Multi-Conductor, Paired, Coaxial, Flat and Optical Fiber Cables, Portable Cordage, Molded Cable Assemblies, Hook Up and Lead Wire. Their main products include Alpha Wire, HEW-Kabel, Mohawk, Thermax, Speciality Products, and West Penn Wire.
Berk-Tek, now owned by Nexans, specializes in Loose Tube Fiber, UTP Copper, Tight Buffered Fiber, FTP Copper, Pre-Term Fiber, Coaxial Cables, and Fiber Optic Connectors.
BIW, now owned by Draka, specializes in Control Cable, Power Cable, and Cable In Conduit. BIW Cables are built for extreme operating environments and demanding flex cycles.
BrandRex, now owned by General Cable, specializes in Data Communication Cable.
Carol Cable
Carol Cable is General Cable's brand name for their data communciation cable, security and alarm cable, coax cable, audio cable, hook up wire, and portable cord.
Coleman Cable Specializes in Data Communication Cables, Electronic Cable, HVAC, Automotive Wire, and Bare Copper Wire. Their Products include Signal®, Baron®, Seoprene®, Polar Solar®, and Road Power®.
Comm-Scope Specializes in Data Communication and Coaxial Cable. Their Products include Systimax® Solutions and Uniprise®.
Comtran Specializes in Electronic Cable, Fire Alarm Cable, and Telecommunications Cable.
Consolidated Specializes in Hook Up Wire.
Dearborn-CDT Specializes in hook-up wire and coaxial cable. Dearborn is now owned by Alpha Wire.
Gamma Electronics
Gamma Electronics Specializes in Insulation Products including, Heat Shrink Tubing, Molded Parts, Expandable Sleeves, and Specialty Tubing Products.
General Cable
General Cable Specializes in Energy Cables, Industrial and Speciality Cables, and Communication Cables. Their Products include BICC, Carol, Anaconda, BrandRex, GenSpeed, Helix/Hi Temp, and NextGen.
Genie Group
Genie Group Specializes in Electronic Wire. Their Products include Agastat, Alcoswitch, AMP, Belden, uchanan/RDI, Corcom, Kilovac, Midtex, OEG, Potter & Brumfield, Raychem, and Schrack.
Harbour Industries
Harbour Industries Specializes in High Temperature Cable, Mil-Spec Wire, Aerospace Cable and Coaxial Cable.
HellermannTyton Specializes in Cable Ties, Labeling Systems, Wire Duct, and Surface Raceway Systems.
Hitachi Specializes in Ribon Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, Electronic Cable, and Copper Premise Cable.
Insultab Specializes in Heat Shink Tubing and Sleeving as well as medical tubing.
Judd Wire
Judd Wire Specializes in Mil-Spec Wire and Irridated Wire.
Lake Cable
Lake Cable manufactures Security and Alarm Cable, Communciations Cable, Tray Cable and Composite Cable.
Lapp is an Flexible Cable Manufacturer. Their Products include OLFLEX®, UNITRONIC®, SILFLEX®, SILVYN®, EPIC®, SKINTOP®, and FLEXIMARK®.
Lutze Specializes in Flexible Cable, Cable Assemblies and C-Track Cables.
3M Specializes in Communication Cable, Cable Ties, and Tubing.
Manhattan-CDT, now owned by Alpha Wire, specializes in Power Cable, Computer Cable, Thermocouple Cable, and Harnessing Products.
Mohawk, which is owned by Belden, specializes in Data Communication Cable.
Molex Specializes in Electrical Connectors.
National Wire
National Wire Specializes in Mil Spec Wire, Hook Up Wire, and Conductor Control Cable.
Nexans Specializes in Communication Cable and Industrial Cable. Their products include Berk-Tek and Euromold.
Olflex is a brand name for Lapp USA, featuring Flexible Cables, High Temperature Cable, Control Cable, and CE Approved Wire.
Panduit Specializes in Cable Ties and Electrical Connectors.
PMC, now called RSCC Aerospace and Defense, Specializes in Mil-Spec Wire, Shipboard Cable, and a wide range of Thermocouple Wire.
Prestolite Specializes in Automotive Wire.
Quabbin Specializes in Themoplastic Cable. Their Products include DataMax.
Radix Specializes in High Temperature Wire and Cable. Their Products include Radix OEM and Radix Industrial.
Raychem, now owned by TE Connectivity (previously Tyco Electronics), specializes in Heat Shrink Tubing, Data Communication Cables and Circuit Protection.
Rockbestos, Rockbestos Surprenant Cable Corporation, Specializes in Transit Cable, High Performance Control Cable and Power Cable.
Southwire Specializes in Building Wire, Aluminum Wire, and Power Cable.
Spectra-Strip Specializes in Data Communication. Their Products include Twist 'N' Flat®, Spectra-Zip®, Ultra-Flex®, Spectra-Bond® and SKEWCLEAR®.
Surprenant, now Rockbestos Surprenant Cable Corporation, Specializes in High Performance Control and Power Cables.
SAB Cable
SAB specializes in Flexible Control Cables, Tray Cable, Data Cables, Servo Motor Cables, European Stanardized Cables, High Temperature Silicone Cables, Bus Cable, and Halogen-Free Cable (LSZH).
Sumitomo Electric
Sumitomo Electric Specializes in Heat Shrink Tubing and Solder Sleeves.
Tensolite Specializes in Coaxial Cable. Their Products include CDI, UniTrek, QMI, and VEMCO.
Thermax-CDT Specializes in Mil-Spec Cable, Aerospace Wire, Thermocouple Cables, and High Temperature Wire. Now owned by Carlisle Interconnect Technologies.
Thomas & Betts
Thomas & Betts Specializes in Cable Ties, Electrical Connectors, and Terminals. Their Products include Amerace, Blackburn, Deltec, and NuTek.
Times Microwave
Times Microwave Specializes in Coaxial Cables, Connectors, and Cable Assemblies. Their Products include LMR and TMS.
Tyco, now TE Connectivity, Specializes in Data Communication. Their Products include Agastat, Accoswitch, AMP, AMP Netconnect, Area Lighting Research, Axicom, Buchanan, CII, Coev Magnetics, Corcom, Dulmison, Hartman, Kilovac, M/A-COM, Microdot Connectors, OEG, Potter & Brumfield, Power Systems, Raychem, and Schrack.
Volex Specializes in Power Cable.
Zeus Specializes in Tubing and Heat Shrink Tubing Products. Their Products include PEEKshrink.


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