The M81822 Wire Wrap and M49055 Ribbon Cable are part of our extensive line of Mil-Spec wire and cable. Both of these products are manufactured to strict military standards, making them durable and reliable enough to be used in the strenuous environments military applications are often in.

M81822 is an insulated electrical wire is designed for use in computer back panels and other electrical and data equipment. It is available in a selection of three different conductor types to meet your specific requirements: silver-plated ETP copper, silver-plated OHFC copper, and silver-plated, high-strength copper alloy. The M49055 Ribbon Cable is a high-temperature wire that is FEP insulated. It offers good chemical resistance and environmental stability, is non-combustible, and is often used in ground and shipboard applications.

We carry a wide variety of MIL-Spec Wire in numerous styles and sizes, and all of it is manufactured to meet military specifications as well as the highest quality standards. We stock an extensive inventory of hard-to-locate custom cables for MIL-Spec applications.