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RG316 Cable

RG 316 Cable

RG316 Cable

Part Number Conductor StrandingNom. Dia. of Cond.Dielectric (in)Nom. O.D. (in)Nom. Imp.Nom. Cap. (pF/ft)
RG316 7/.0067 0.0201 0.060 0.1020 50.0 29.4

What is RG316 Cable?

RG316 coax cable can be used in direct burial, radio frequency and telecommunications applications. Often used for the transmission of radio frequency signals, RG316 cable can also be used in wireless communication, broadcast and military equipment. RG316 coax may also be used for high frequency interconnections between PCB in telecommunications equipment. RG-316 cable is a good choice for applications like these which require good performance and stability in high temperature environments and superior phase stability, or for applications in demanding environments or with minimal installation space. RG316 is a high performance coaxial cable that is in accordance with MIL-DTL-17 specifications. The M17 part associated with coax RG316 is M17/113-RG316.

RG316 Coax Cable Electrical Specifications:

  • Minimum Temperature: -55°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 200°C
  • Capacitance: 29.4
  • Impedance: 50+/-2
  • Max Operating Voltage (vms): 1,200
  • Velocity of Propagatoion: 69.5%
  • Mil Spec Equivalent: M17/113-RG316


RG316 Mechanical & Construction Specifications:

  • Inner Conductor: Silver Covered Copper Clad Steel
  • Dielectric: Extruded Solid Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Outer Conductor/Shield: Silver Covered Copper
  • Jacket: Flourinated Ethylene Copper (FEP) Type IX per MIL-C-17
  • Inner Conductor:
    • Material: Silver Covered Copper Clad Steel
    • Conductor Stranding: 7/.0067
    • No. of Strands: 7
    • Strand Size: 0.0067
    • Diameter (in.) 0.0201

  • Dielectric:
    • Material: Solid PTFE
    • Diameter (in.) 0.060

  • Shield:
    • Material: Silver Plated Copper Braid
    • Diameter (in.) 0.078

  • Jacket:
    • Material: Flourinated Ethylene Copper (FEP) Type IX per MIL-C-17
    • Diameter (in.) 0.098

RG316 Loss | Attenuation Frequency:

This RG316 cable loss chart gives you common frequency and loss characteristics. RG316 attenuation, or loss, is lower than other options in this category due to the large sizeo of its conductor. For example, RG178 loss is nearly double RG316 attenuation. For additional information on the topic, read our RG178 vs RG316 blog post.

Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (db per 100 feet)
10 2.5
30 4.3
50 5.6
100 8
400 16
1000 26
1500 32
2000 38
2500 42
3000 47
10000 -
k1 0.787
k2 0.00120


Power Handling by Frequency

The RG316, like the RG393 and many other Mil Spec coax cables, has excellent power handling capabilities due to the high thermal conductivity.

Frequency (MHz) Power (watts)
10 1869
30 1072
50 827
100 580
400 282
1000 173
1500 138
2000 118
2500 104
3000 93


Download PDF of RG316 Specs

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Per RG 316 spec, this cable will have splices. If continuous lengths are needed, please ask.