Allied Wire and Cable is a proud distributor of Alpha FIT Wire Management products. FIT Wire Management products are designed to address all of your cable management concerns. With these products, any application can be managed. Alpha's woven fiberglass sleeves are tough and flexible, and the tubing provides exceptional performance at temperatures as high as 260°C. The braided shields offer additional EMI protection along with a ground connection.

Alpha FIT Wire Management will increase the reliability of your system and simplify wire harnessing. You can organize your application with a multitude of products, including Expandable Sleeving, Copper Braids, Fiberglass Sleeving, and Lacing Tape. Alpha's shielding is easily and quickly installed. Flat, round and oval braided shielding are available for additional protection against EMI and for grounding protection.

SW spiral wrap tubing wraps tightly to the wire and cable being bundled. Alpha Wire's copper foil shielding tape is ideal for use in a wide range of EMI/RFI shielding applications. ZIP-41 zipper tubing will protect your wire, cables, and harnesses by eliminating exposed wiring. Alpha FIT Lacing Tape offers high tensile strength and knot retention. 

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