Alpha FIT Lacing Tape is featured in Allied Wire and Cable's extensive line of Alpha Wire products. FIT Lacing Tape offers high tensile strength and knot retention. Once knotted, these products resist slipping and do not increase the diameter of a harness. Alpha Wire's FIT Lacing Tapes are more flexible and easier on the assembler's hands. Alpha's Lacing Tape also allows a wider contact area with the insulation so that it remains in place.

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FIT Lacing Tape is available with a variety of finishes, including wax, synthetic rubber or elastomer, and glass/TFE. Alpha's Lacing Tapes also feature flat braids made from nylon, polyester, filament, or aramid filament yarn. Nylon provides excellent tensile strength and is resistant to acids, abrasion, flame, and fungus. Polyester shares all of the benefits of nylon, but has better resistance to acids and no appreciable discoloration.

Alpha also manufactures Lacing Tape with nylon or polyester cord. MIL-DTL-713 (Type P) Lacing Tape features a twisted nylon cord and Telecommunications-Grade Polyester Yarn is made with a round, twisted polyester cord made from high-tenacity industrial polyester fiber.