Alpha FIT Expandable Sleeving is featured in Allied Wire's extensive line of Alpha Wire. FIT Sleeving will help keep your wire harness organized and manageable. Expandable sleeving adjusts to fit your wire and cable without heat shrinking. With these products, routing is flexible and lightweight. Alpha Wire designs cable sleeving that is abrasion, fungus, cut-through, oil, and solvent resistant.

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Alpha Wire supplies a wide range of FIT Expandable Sleeving. ZIP-GRP expandable, enclosure sleeving is designed with a hook and loop fastener system, allowing easy re-entry and unlimited cable breakouts. XS-100HD sleeving is easy to install and features a lightweight, flexible construction. GRP-110NF and GRP-120NF non-fraying expandable sleeving is fray less and can be cut without a hot knife. These products are also lead and halogen-free.

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