Allied Wire and Cable's Green Initiatives

Allied Wire Going Green

Here at Allied, part of our "common sense, not dollars and cents" motto is putting people first and playing a positive role in our community. One of the ways we're doing this is through our green initiatives. By taking steps to cut our carbon footprint, minimize waste, and run our company in greener ways, we are greatly reducing our impact on the environment. It's all about doing our part to preserve this beautiful world around us. So take a moment to see all the ways Allied is going green, in all aspects of our business.


  • Recycling efforts help reduce our carbon footprint and landfill waste. We recycle the following materials:
    • Corrugated Materials
    • Steel
    • Copper/Wire
    • Paper
  • Reusing these items reduces landfill waste and our carbon footprint:
    • Pallets: Plastic and Wood
    • Reels and Spools: Plastic and Wood
    • Dunnage: Packing Paper, Bubble Wrap, Slip Sheets, etc.
  • Reducing hazardous materials:
    • 30% reduction in MEK usage/waste
  • Minimizing landfill use by installing an enclosed trash compactor:
    • Reduces the number of garbage pickups from 3 to 1 to cut fuel emissions
    • Limits the amount of loose garbage that can blow around and litter the environment


  • Using recycled materials:
    • Our 'new' cubicles were second-hand and made from recycled materials.
  • Recycling:
    • Paper recycling bins are at every desk.
    • "Single Stream Recycling" bins are in each lunchroom for plastic and glass containers, aluminum cans, and paper products such as magazines and newspapers.
  • Energy-efficient lighting:
    • A motion-sensitive lighting system is installed throughout the building. Lights come on when necessary, but turn off to conserve energy when rooms are not in use.
    • Old fixtures have been replaced with more efficient ballasts and bulbs, reducing energy consumption.
  • Converting invoices to email to reduce paper usage:
    • Save a tree! Sign up to receive electronic invoices today. To switch to this option, email Please include your company name, account number, and the email address you'd like the invoices sent to.

We're doing our best to operate in more environmentally friendly ways, from our warehouses to our offices. Do your part by switching to electronic invoices, making sure to shut down your computer and turn off the lights before leaving work for the day, or just by recycling whenever possible. Together, all of our small steps can make a big impact on the world around us.


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