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Published on 8/28/2012

AWC eUpdate Newsletter August 2012

Play Allied’s Annual Football Pool – Now Live!

AWC Football Pool

It’s time for Allied’s Football Pick ‘Em Challenge! Play for your chance to win our grand prize: a $400 gift card of your choice, runner-up gift cards, or any of our weekly prizes!

You can access the pool by logging on to the Allied website. Sign in with your existing Allied account, or create an account here.

To play, choose the NFL team you think will win each upcoming game. You may make or change your picks any time up to the start of the game. For the last game of each week, you must also guess the final score. In the case of a tie, whoever guesses closest to the actual score without going over will be considered the winner. Weekly winners will receive Allied Prize Packs.

Each week, you will also earn points based on your picks. At the end of the regular football season (not including playoff games), these point totals will determine our Overall Football Pool Winner, and the winner of this year’s grand prize: a $400 gift card. First runner-up will receive the $150 gift card of their choice, and second runner-up will receive the $50 gift card of their choice.

Don’t miss any of the fun! Learn more about Allied’s Football Pick ‘Em Challenge, and how to play, here.

And the Allied Scholarship Goes to...

Allied Wire and Cable Scholarship

We are proud to announce George Gantert as the winner of the 2012 Allied Wire & Cable Scholarship. This is the second year of the Allied Wire & Cable Scholarship Program, open to college-bound children of Allied employees who have been with the company for at least three years.

As a family-owned and operated company, Allied is always looking for ways to celebrate the family values at the core of its business. This means putting people first and taking care of the “Allied family:” the dedicated people who have worked hard to make Allied Wire & Cable what it is today.

Last year, the first Allied Scholarship was awarded to Matthew Rayner, son of PA Warehouse Associate, Ron Rayner. Matthew is now a sophomore at Penn State. Allied is proud to have students like Matthew and George helping to build a great Allied Scholarship tradition.

Students are eligible to apply for the scholarship during their senior year of high school. They must have at least a 3.0 GPA, and submit an application packet, along with an essay describing why they should be considered for the scholarship.

This year, George Gantert, son of Allied Wire & Cable Account Representative, Holly Gantert, is the recipient of the $10,000 scholarship, payable over the course of his college career. Of winning the scholarship, George says, "It means a lot to me as it relieves the heavy burden of tuition…My mom told me (I won) and we both had the biggest smiles on our faces. It was a great moment."

George, a graduate of Pottsgrove High School, will begin at Montgomery County Community College, but intends to transfer to Temple University once he completes his core courses. He would like to major in Marketing or Actuary Science, and hopes to gain experience by completing an internship.

George’s mother, Holly Gantert, says, "Although I would be proud of him receiving any scholarship, a scholarship from Allied means more…I’m proud that they can offer this help to our kids. Allied has helped me out over the years and I’m so grateful that they’re now helping out my son."

To learn more about the Allied Scholarship and George’s story, read the full press release.

Everyone here at Allied wishes George the best in college! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish!


Office Olympics with a Wire and Cable Twist

This month, we all experienced the excitement of the London Summer Olympics. Here at Allied, we took the Olympic celebrations one step further by hosting Office Olympic Games at our Collegeville, PA headquarters. The Allied Olympics brought members of every department together for a little fun.

Events kicked off with the “In By One” Relay, inspired by our "In By One, Consider It Done" guarantee. The relay began with office chair races, followed by a speed packing contest and a hand truck race to the finish line. It was a close race, and a great start to the Games. Other events included a Wire Drum Basketball Shoot-Out, Hand-Spooling Races, Spool-Rolling Races, and a Water Pass Relay.

We even had our own Closing Ceremonies, complete with spool platforms for our winners to climb as they accepted their official Allied Olympic medals. Allied employees gathered to cheer each other, and talk about all the fun they had during the Games. Our first Office Olympics couldn’t have ended better!

Hopefully, you kept up with day-by-day coverage of our events on Facebook, but don’t worry if you missed anything! You can check out the full photo album on Facebook, watch video of the Allied Office Olympics on YouTube, and check out our Allied Olympics Wrap-Up.



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Joke of the Month!


Ten Dollars Is Ten Dollars

A man and a woman go to the carnival every year. Every time the man says, "Anna can we ride the airplanes that go up for a couple of minutes then come back down?"

The woman always replied by saying, "We don`t need to spend any extra money on them airplanes, it’s too expensive. Ten dollars is ten dollars."

Tom, the pilot, said," Larry, every year I hear you say you want to ride my airplanes, and every year Anna says it's too expensive. I'll make you a deal, if I do all of my flips and tricks with you in there with me, and you don`t say one word, I'll give you the ride for free."

Anna and Larry discussed it and decided they would take the deal. They got up in the air and Tom did all of his tricks and flips.

Tom said, "Larry I just knew you`d say something on that first flip, but you didn't!"

Larry replied, "I was going to say something when Anna fell out, but ten dollars is ten dollars."

Source: www.cleanjoke.com

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