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Published on 12/22/2015

AWC eUpdate Newsletter December 2015

Charity Week Recap: A Big Thanks to All Involved

AWC's 10th Annual Charity Week

Charity Week is a much-loved Allied tradition, and one that we look forward to every year during the time of the holidays. During a designated week leading up to Christmas, a portion of all sales is donated to the worthy charities that have been selected as the year’s Charity Week recipients.

This year marked our 10th Annual Charity Week, and from December 14th through December 18th, a portion of all sales were donated to the four worthy charities that we selected to give back to. With the help of those who participated, we are pleased to announce that we were able to raise a grand total of $18,204.25 for our 2015 Charity Week beneficiaries!

In celebration of our 10th year, we wanted to make Charity Week the most personal it’s ever been, by giving back to those in our very own backyards. And because several of our employees in locations across the country are involved with different charities, the four charities that we selected as this year’s recipients all have an Allied family member who is closely connected with each.

This year, the grand total has been split evenly four ways to ensure that each charity receives the same amount of the proceeds. The four charities that we’ve had the honor of giving back to during our 10th Annual Charity Week are Marguerite’s Place, Shriners Hospital for Children- Twin Cities, The American Diabetes Association, and Pets for Vets.

We are beyond pleased to be able to support so many different causes, especially during the time of the holidays, and we are so thankful to have customers like you who help us keep this tradition going strong. Without your generosity and participation, we would not be able to carry on this tradition that we deem a success year in and year out. Thank you for once again making this year a success and for helping us to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most! Happy Holidays!


Straight From the Drawing Board: How AWC Takes on Custom Cable

Custom Cable Case Study

Sometimes in-stock wire just doesn’t cut it, depending on what the application is. However, here at Allied, we don’t view this dilemma as a setback, but rather a challenge that we’re eager to take on. And thanks to our custom cable experts, we’ve been quite successful in taking on these challenges, and designing a plethora of custom cables for our customers.

Custom cable is a big part of what we do here at Allied, and because it’s one of the major services we provide, we have an entire section of the website dedicated to it. The custom cable section is broken down into three parts: The Information Center, Design Center, and Gallery.

The idea behind our gallery is for you to be able to have a look at custom cables we’ve designed in the past, see the challenges that we’ve been presented with, and to see how we’ve overcome them. One of the major reasons customers come to us with custom cable requests is because they’ve encountered challenges with finding an off-the-shelf cable that fits their needs. Whether struggling with high price dilemmas, design obstacles, failing stock products, or other production issues, it is the goal of our custom cable experts to solve these problems and create the ideal cable to fit your unique needs.  

These case studies cover a wide range of customers in many of the major markets including everything from the telecommunications and automotive industries, to military, manufacturing and more. After sifting through the the varying examples, you'll be sure to find someone that ran into similar issues that you may be having, and you’ll see that a solution is possible. Regardless of how obsolete or experimental your custom cable request may seem, we encourage you to come to us for your custom cable needs. For more information, get in contact with your rep at 800-472-4655.


Video Spotlight

Christmas video greeting from Allied

Here at AWC, we’ve got a huge warehouse where countless amounts of wire and cable stock the shelves. But that’s not all we’ve got. Can you take a guess at what else is on those shelves? Here’s a hint: They play a magical role in helping our value added services come to life.





Joke of the Month


Just before Christmas, two brothers were spending the night at their Grandma’s house. At bedtime, they knelt down to say their prayers.

As they closed their eyes, one boy said in a loud voice, “Dear Lord, please tell Santa to bring me a telescope and a new bike.”

Looking over at him confused, his older brother said to him, “Why are you shouting? God isn’t deaf?

To which the younger brother replied, “I know, but Grandma is.”





Blog Corner


With another successful Charity Week behind us, we thought we’d reflect on why it is that we picked the four local charities we did. We wanted to make this year’s Charity Week the most personal yet, since it’s a milestone year, so in a series of four blog posts, we highlight each member of the Allied family who has strong ties with each of the charities we supported in this year’s 10th Annual Charity Week. If you haven’t already, read the blog posts here to truly understand the meaning behind the 2015 Charity Week.





Closing Notice

Closing Notice

In celebration of the holidays, Allied Wire & Cable will be closed on the following days:

Thursday, December 24
Friday, December 25
Thursday, December 31
Friday, January 1