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Published on 2/24/2015

AWC eUpdate Newsletter February 2015

Allied Brings On Two More Industry Veterans

Accuracy and Reliability are two of our Biggest Priorities

Last month we told you we were looking to seriously expand our sales team in the new year--and we haven't been messing around. This month we welcomed two seasoned sales reps: Susanne Seibert and Chris Jodoin. Between the two of them, they have nearly 40 years of wire and cable experience.

Susanne will be supporting customers from our office in Wisconsin. "Wire and cable is what I really enjoy," she says, and it must be true. She already has 14 years of industry experience and she's excited to rack up more at Allied. "I am so thrilled to be a part of the team."

Based in New York, Chris was an Inside Sales Representative at Simcona Electronics Corp for 24 years before coming to Allied. "I truly love what I do. I don't just provide customer service; I build relationships and give each customer no less than 100%," he promises.

These professionals demonstrate a level of dedication and enthusiasm that fits well with Allied's commitment to excellent service and we are pleased to have them on our team. We think you'll like working with them, too. Get to know them a little better by reading about them on our Key People page. Meet Chris and Susanne.


Straight From the Drawing Board: A Case Study about Custom LSZH Power Cable

A Case Study about Custom LSZH Power Cable

You know how federal intelligence agencies always have the most cutting edge tech? Probably even more advanced stuff than we imagine. But they have to get that technology from somewhere, right? One of our customers belongs to a company that provides intelligence solutions in fields such as cyber security and counter-terrorism.

Our customer designed an airborne sensor system for a geospatial intelligence project, but couldn't find the necessary LSZH power cable in stock anywhere. He brought his custom cable specifications to Allied on the recommendation of some of his engineering colleagues.

We were able to build the special cable to the exact specs. Just what did we build? It's not classified. Read more about this Custom LSZH Power Cable here


March Madness— It's Almost Time

March Madness - It's almost time!

Is it a little early to be talking about March Madness? Maybe. But when things get rolling, there's only a limited window of time to register and build your bracket, so we wanted to give you the heads up that it's coming. Watch your inbox. Last year, our first place winner won a $500 Amazon gift card!







Video Spotlight

Charity Week was a Huge Success!

Spotlight on Welding Cable
There’s more to welding cable than meets the eye—like did you know it can be used as battery cable in some applications? That and more in this brief video about the flexible weld wire.

Charity Week was a Huge Success!

Spotlight On RG196 A Coaxial Cable
We wrapped up our series on RG coax products with a short feature on RG196 A cable. Got 1 minute and 12 seconds? Learn something about how this versatile RG 196 coax is used.

Charity Week was a Huge Success!

Bonus! Valentine’s Day Video Greeting Card
If your inbox was inundated with messages from admirers at Valentine’s Day, you may have missed the adorable video valentine we sent you. But it’s not too late to watch it, because we still love you.


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Joke of the Month!


Always self-conscious about his lack of ears, whenever Bob would interview a future employee, he would ask him, "What do you notice different about me?". If the employee would mention his lack of ears (which often they did), it would be a for sure "no" for the job. However if the employee would mention something else, he would hire the guy. One year, at the yearly Holiday business party, Bob approached his most recent hireling and asked him if he remembered the last question he had asked him when interviewing him for the job. "Sure I do" was his reply. "You asked me what was different about you and I said that you were wearing contact lenses." "Of all things to answer", Bob questioned curiously, "why was that the thing you noticed?" "Well, to be honest, it was quite simple. How could you possibly be wearing glasses if you don't have any ears!"



Blog Corner


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