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Published on 5/6/2009

AWC eUpdate Newsletter May 2009

Product Spotlight: Shipboard Cable


At Allied Wire & Cable, we aim for the best service possible, and that means always having the cables you need on hand, including several varieties of shipboard cables. Shipboard cables are indispensable aboard naval ships, submarines and other marine vessels. They are manufactured with the specific environmental and situational hazards in mind, whereas commercial cables are not.

Our stock of Shipboard Cables includes Mil-Specs M24640, M24643 and Mil-DTL-17 as well as NAVSEA 6262065 Shipboard Cable and NAVSEA 6322493 Shipboard Cable. These Low Smoke Shipboard Cables are all manufactured to resist burning and will emit low amounts of smoke when they come into contact with a flame.

M24640 shipboard cable was created to address the need for low weight and smaller size cables that meet low smoke requirements. M24643 shipboard cable possesses these qualities as well, and also emits no toxic fumes as it has a zero halogen cross-linked polyolefin jacket, which makes it an ideal choice for applications that need extra safety precautions. Mil-DTL-17 is the naval spec for coaxial shipboard cable, and is manufactured to better withstand flame than commercial cable.

NAVSEA 6262065 shipboard cable and 6322493 shipboard cable are Low Smoke Radio Frequency Shipboard Cables, and are used as transmission lines where resistance to smoke and flame is necessary.

As with all of our products, you can expect the fastest turn times possible for these shipboard cable items. For more information about these Shipboard Cables and other Mil-Spec Cables, please contact your sales rep or submit a quick RFQ.


Blog Corner


PA State Representative Visits Collegeville Headquarters
Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Vereb visited our Collegeville headquarters on May 21st. He scheduled the visit after receiving our recent press release regarding the hiring of our four newest sales representatives. Rep. Vereb wanted to personally commend Allied on our recent hiring practices, due to the state of the country's rate of unemployment. Check out the details here...

New Product from Alpha Wire: Wind Power Cables
Alpha Wire has introduced a new line of Wind Power Cables, many of which are UL rated WTTC Cables. Allied is an authorized Alpha Wire distributor and now carries these wind cables, in addition to other new Alpha products. Read more about Alpha wind cables and other new Alpha products...


10 Quick Tips to Save Money on Travel this Summer


Memorial Day has come and gone. That means travel season is upon us. The summer months are always the preferred time to take those much needed days off, be it for a lengthy vacation or just a Friday for a nice three day weekend.

But the reality is that vacations might not be in the budget for some of us. However, if you take advantage of the tips and tricks of travel you could be off on your getaway before you know it!

Here are 10 Tips to follow this vacation season:

  1. Travel During the Offseason: No matter where you're going, there's probably an off-season. Summer in the US means winter in other parts of the world, and the end of summer usually means visitation drops and prices follow. If you can wait until the crowds are gone you'll avoid larger prices AND the congestion.
  2. Book a Package: If you use one of the many travel sites online, you've seen the many packages that include hotel and airfare. Sometimes you can get a deal on both if you buy together.
  3. Stay Close to Home: You could be relatively close to several great destinations and not even know it! Take a vacation where you don't go anywhere and finally visit that museum you've heard so much about but never been to. Or, if the destination is close enough to drive to, you can cut costs for airfare and gas…and spend less of your precious time off literally traveling.
  4. Ask for Discounts: If you have AAA or other discount club memberships, definitely mention them. The company you work for might also have discount contracts with certain companies as well. It also doesn't hurt to pick up the phone and call that hotel location you want to stay at and ask for a discount or even a free night. The worst thing that can happen is they say no; just be polite!
  5. Visit Countries with Good Dollar Growth: Forbes has a great list of 15 countries where the dollar is strong. This could equal savings for you! Check them out at Forbes' website.
  6. Just Because it's on the Internet, Doesn't Mean it's Cheaper: Yes, the internet has made life easier for most things, but don't forget the hallowed ways of yester-year. Book directly with the hotel or airline, check the newspaper, but don't just go with what you see online. There could be unpublished deals.
  7. Car Rental Insurance is not Always Necessary: This is a big one. Car rental companies will try to get you to buy insurance from them, but you could already have it. Check with the credit card you use to rent the car, as well as your regular car insurance before you give in.
  8. Bring Snacks: It's no secret that concessions and convenience stores aren't convenient when it comes to price. If you know you'll be out and about all afternoon, stock up on snacks at a grocery store and save a bundle.
  9. Find Better Parking: That prime parking spot in the overpriced parking lot right next to the boardwalk/stadium/whatever isn't always worth it. You could find free street parking only a few blocks away, which is not only cheaper, it'll also help burn off the extra calories you're bound to consume on vacation. Just be sure to check signs and make sure the area is safe.
  10. Become One with Nature: A pass to any of the 50+ National Parks is around $10/$20 for a day, and this gives you access to the most beautiful parts of the country. Some areas have several parks close together, so you can hit a few parks in one trip! If you can do that, splurge for the $50 year pass. This gives you access to ANY of the country's parks for the whole year. And don't forget the many National Forests, Historic Parks and Landmarks as well. Inside any park handled by the National Park Service you can find a map of all of the parks in the country. Pick one up and find enough destinations to fill up all of your vacations for the rest of your life!

Have a safe and happy travel season!