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Published on 11/18/2014

AWC eUpdate Newsletter November 2014

Charity Week is on its Way!

Charity Week is on its Way!

Each year as the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop, your friends at Allied start gearing up for the much-loved annual tradition of Charity Week!

This year marks our 9th Annual Charity Week here at AWC, which will take place from December 15th to December 19th. We will be dedicating a portion of all sales to two very worthy causes, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Humane Society.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has been a cause close to our hearts for many years, and has been the main beneficiary of many Charity Weeks in the past, as well as the recipient of donations from other fundraisers and special events. This admirable organization works to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions, and believes that a wish experience is a "game-changer". Some notable wishes we were able to help grant were trips to Disney World, a trip to Phillies Spring Training to meet the players, a VIP shopping trip and more!

We will also be donating to the Humane Society, which is an organization dedicated to protecting and defending the wellbeing of all kinds of animals. Not only do they advocate for better animal protection laws, they provide animal rescue and emergency response, animal cruelty investigation, and animal care through their sanctuaries and wildlife rehab centers.

Last year's charity week was our most successful charity week to date; with your help we were able to donate a combined $18,629.65 to both organizations! If you would like to help make this year's charity week even more successful, place an order during the week of December 15th through December 19th, and help two amazing causes!



Allied Wire - Cable that is Out of this World – Powering Flight Simulator Training

Powering Pipeline Applications Flawlessly

When it comes to figuring out just what kind of custom cable a customer needs, communication is key. In this situation communication was especially vital because a customer who specializes in flight simulator training needed a very specific design to keep their machines up and running.

After plenty of research, our sales rep was able to determine what specs the cables were required to meet. With that knowledge and some specialty design work, the Allied rep had created the perfect Custom Computer Cable to keep their flight simulators performing with optimum speed and efficiency.

To be more specific, our sales rep determined a 20 AWG computer cable was the correct size. It also featured 2 conductors, a tinned copper braid and a gray PVC jacket for premium performance. A solid foundation of research and communication was established, which left the customer feeling satisfied and confident in their custom cable, which is our main goal at Allied.

Interested in reading more about this specific case? Be sure to read the full Custom Cable Case Study here! Let our reps do the work for you, and design the ideal cable for even the trickiest use. Call us at 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started today.




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Joke of the Month!


A young, newlywed couple were excited for their first Thanksgiving.

When the wife prepared the turkey celebrate, she carefully cut off each end before placing it in the pan.

Her husband noticed this strange preparation, and asked, "why do you do that?  Does it make it taste better?"  

The young wife replied, "I don't know - it's what my mother always did. But I can ask her."

She called Mom, who responded, "I always saw your Grandma do it, so I did the same."

Both women were perplexed, so the young woman decided to call her Grandma to get to the bottom of it.  

Grandma chucked, and explained, "It was the only way I could get it to fit into my pan."

Source: greatcleanjokes.com




Blog Corner


With Turkey Day approaching and the holidays close behind, we are busier than ever! Check out what we’ve been up to this month on our blog!

Price Increase Alert – Panduit –– A price increase for all Panduit products has been announced. Read more about this and check out our stock of Panduit items before the price rises!

Allied Salutes Our Veterans – WaterIn honor of Veteran’s Day, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who have served, and continue to serve our country. This blog post was made to honor and remember those who have helped keep our country safe, including one of our very own from the Allied family, Sergeant Craig Smith. Read more about this local hero here!