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Dual Rated Wind Turbine Tray Cable WTTC/TC-ER

Dual Rated Wind Turbine Tray Cable is part of Allied Wire and Cable's supply of GreenLINX ™ Cables. This line features dual ratings from Underwriter's Laboratories. It is rated as both WTTC Wind Cable and TC-ER Tray Cable.

Allied carries 5 types of wind turbine tray cable. Three of these types are different levels of flexing: Standard Flex Wind Turbine Tray Cable, Premium Flex Wind Turbine Tray Cable and Megaflex Wind Turbine Tray Cable. No matter which level of flexing your applications require, you are sure to get a quality cable. These cables resist oils, solvents, chemicals, and fuels, as well as abrasion. They are suitable for use in small spaces and are flexible for easy installation. These dual rated tray and wind cables are recyclable as well, making them environmentally friendly cables.

Also available are Servo Wind Turbine Tray Cable, which can be used for automation applications, and VFD Wind Turbine Tray Cable, which is used for wind turbine motors.

All 5 types of Wind Turbine Tray Cable are part of the GreenLINX ™ line of Wind Cable. These cables are made using environmentally friendly materials and are manufactured in the United States.