Allied Wire and Cable is a manufacturer and supplier of Wind Turbine Energy Cables. We carry many types of WTTC rated cables, including the Megaflex Wind Turbine Cable, Servo Wind Farm Cable, Wind Power Cable, and VFD Wind Turbine Cable. These medium-voltage cables require excellent quality, durability, and performance to withstand the rigors of wind turbines, grid, and substation environments. These renewable energy cables are oil, solvent, chemical, abrasion, and fuel resistant.

We carry five different types of wind turbine cable. All have a voltage rating of 1000V and feature bare copper conductors. However, other aspects of their constructions vary. The Standard Flex and Megaflex Cables have solid PVC fillers, while our VFD and Premium Flex Power Cables have FR-Fibrillated Polypropylene filler. While Standard Flex Wind Power Cable has nylon tape insulation, Megaflex Cable and Premium Flex Cable have expanded PTFE tape insulation. Servo Wind Farm Cable does not have taped insulation or fillers.

The UL requires wind turbine cables to be WTTC rated. The WTTC, or Wind Turbine Tray Cable, rating is relatively new for wind turbine cable. In the past, any cable could be used as a wind farm cable, but that led to costly maintenance and repairs. Using WTTC rated cable helps save on repair costs and ensures you get the most out of your wind power cable application. WTTC cable is flexible, easy to install, and can be used in tight spaces. Our WTTC Cable is also recyclable. All our renewable energy cable is made in the USA!

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