Custom Aircraft Engine Cable


Custom Aircraft Engine Cable

There is a lot of testing that goes into ensuring that aircraft engines perform at their best. To do a lot of testing, you need to use a lot of cable in a lot of different versions adapted to each separate test.

It’s important to note that when you call in, you don’t necessarily have to know exactly what you are looking for. It’s our job to help you find or design a cable that will meet all your requirements.

In this case, the customer called in saying that they were using a standard STJ part but needed it altered to meet the requirements of several tests on aircraft engines. At different times, we have altered just about every aspect of the cable to meet the requirements of the test.

For one custom STJ cable construction, the customer asked for something a little tougher and more abrasion-resistant than the standard part so we changed the type of cable jacket. Another time, the customer required a cable similar to their existing STJ cable but with higher temperature ratings, so the conductor was changed. When the customer requested a drain wire instead of the standard cable braid, Allied Wire and Cable was able to work with its partners to manufacture a custom cable to meet those specifications as well. Special color codes were also requested.

At one point, the customer let Allied Wire and Cable know that they were unable to get long enough lengths with the standard PTFE/Type E inners. By changing the material to one that could run continuous, the cable was better able to meet the customer’s needs. With the continuous runs, the customer was able to minimize scrap materials and waste.

In each of these instances, a custom cable was designed and manufactured using the customer’s references to a stock cable and the changes they would need for it to be more successful in their application. Allied Wire and Cable worked with design experts who were able to get the customer what they needed, and we provided only the amount they needed. Because the customer used the custom cable in testing, large amounts were not required. With Allied Wire and Cable’s low minimums, the customer ordered only what they really needed, saving a lot of money in the process.

Working with a stock item that you know could be improved with just a few changes? Go to Allied Wire and Cable’s Custom Cable Design Center and tell us what you’re looking for. Why settle for stock when we could help you design a cable that meets your requirements exactly?

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