Frequently Asked Questions: Cable Ties and Electrical Connectors

Cable Ties and Electrical Connectors

Cable Ties and Electrical Connectors

In addition to stocking electrical wire and cable, does Allied Wire and Cable carry electrical wire connectors or cable ties?

Yes! Allied Wire and Cable carries a variety of cable ties, wire connectors and cable connectors for many applications. Our main products include:

What are the usages of Cable Ties?

Simply put, cable ties pack electrical wire and cables together. Cable ties can also be used to organize and sort wire and cable.

For what can other cable or wire connectors be used?

Cable and wire connectors work in a variety of electrical jobs. While cable ties bundle wire and cable, terminals and splices perform well as electric terminations or connections in commercial applications. More specifically, fork terminals are often used to attach wire or cable to screws, while butt splices and disconnects may be applied at the ends of commercial belts. Bullet connectors allow for prompt connect and disconnect applications and, finally, blade and pin terminals are usually applied as electrical terminations for a conductor.

Are all cable ties and wire connectors insulated?

No. While Allied Wire and Cable does carry insulated and fully insulated connectors and terminals, a few of the terminals are not insulated. Be sure to check our online catalog for a complete listing and description of our wire connectors and cable ties.

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