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Custom Cables

What are custom cables and when would I use them?

Custom cable is a cable designed specifically for your needs and specifications. Ordering a custom made cable is a good choice when existing products are unable to meet the needs of your application or when an altered product could better meet the requirements of your project.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a custom made cable rather than in-stock products?

The biggest advantage of using custom cables is that all aspects of the cable’s design are catered to the needs of your particular application and compliance requirements. Ordering cables custom may even save you money because it eliminates the need to pay for unnecessary extras. (You can learn more about saving money with custom wire and cable in this article.) The main disadvantage of choosing to have a special cable made is that it takes more time and planning when placing an order. You must leave time for the product to be manufactured, whereas a stock item could be shipped right away.

Do all custom cables need to be designed from scratch?

No. You can have custom cables made completely from scratch, but they do not have to be. You may choose to alter an existing product so that it better fits the needs of your application. Sometimes having cable customized with a simple change in material or construction can be all it takes to improve performance. Learn more about getting a similar custom cable built to meet your needs.

What choices do I get to make as part of the special cable manufacturing and cable customization process?

When you work with our cable design experts, you have the opportunity to choose everything from the materials to the configuration of the cable. We'll help you determine which conductor material, stranding, and lay is right for your application. We'll also help you choose the most appropriate insulation and jacketing materials for your cable. Need to add shielding to minimize signal interference or armor for extra mechanical protection? Allied will help you find the best option for your custom made cable. We'll also tailor your special cable custom design to meet requirements for flexibility, environmental resistances, and performance parameters. If you need your cable to meet industry standards, Allied will accommodate that too. We design custom cables to meet UL, CSA, CE and even Mil Spec standards. And don't forget about the look of the cable. You can choose the jacket color and take advantage of our printing and branding services to get the most out of making your cables custom. Learn more about custom cable and cable components in our Custom Cable Info Center.

Do you provide any other services for cable customization?

Of course! Allied provides a wide range of value-added services for cables that are either custom made or bought from stock. These customization services include dyeing to custom colors, striping, cut and strip, twisting, paralleling, and more. With these services, you can easily customize your cable to meet all of your branding, identification, and installation needs.

Is it difficult to design custom cables?

With Allied's cable design experts, the process is simple. We have representatives standing by to walk you through everything step-by-step. For more information on the special cable design and cable manufacturing process, watch our video, All About Custom Cable Design.

Do I have to buy a lot of cable to be able to order custom?

No, you don't. Depending on the cable, we offer order minimums ranging from 500ft to 1000ft. Allied also offers prototype runs for custom cables with short minimum length requirements.

What lead time can I expect when I order cable custom?

Allied offers very short lead times, even with orders for custom cables. Typically, you can expect a turn-around of 2 to 4 weeks at the most to allow time for cable manufacturing. Times vary based on the complexity of the custom made cable.

How do I begin the custom cable design process?

It’s simple! Fill out a design sheet in our Custom Cable Design Center. Just fill out as much as you can and submit your request. Once you submit the form online, one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will call you within 24 hours (during the business week) to discuss your special cable manufacturing needs, answer any questions you may have about getting cable custom made, and help you place an order.


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