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Magnet Wire

Magnet Wire

What is Magnet Wire?

Magnet Wire is an insulated electrical conductor that when wound into a coil and energized, generates a functional electrical field. Most often, Magnet Wire is constructed of aluminum or copper with a thin insulation covering, which helps prevent short-circuiting. The insulation material of the Magnet Wire itself varies depending on the application.

According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Magnet Wire is a useful product because 90% of all electrical energy requires modification through the use of magnet to be of use. The primary users of Magnet Wire products include the automotive, ballast, motor, generator, and transformer industries.


What are some of the applications of Magnet Wire?


Magnet Wire is both a functional and versatile product that may be used in several applications. Magnet Wire is primarily applied in products such as appliances, automotives, lifting magnets, transformers, solenoids, motors, lights, lighting ballast transformers, coils and relays, generators and electromagnets.


Which industries commonly use magnet wire?


The automotive, ballast, motor, transformer, and generator industries are the main users of magnet wire.


Does Allied Wire and Cable carry Magnet Wire?


Allied Wire and Cable maintains an extensive inventory of electronic Magnet Wire.


What insulations are available for Magnet Wire?


A few insulations for Magnet Wire include: Plain Enamel, Formvar, Polyurethane, Polyester, Glass Fibers, & Polymide.


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