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Portable Cord

Portable Cord

 What do the letters used to describe Portable Cord mean?

  • S = 600 Volt Service Cord
  • J = Junior Service - 300 Volt
  • T = Thermoplastic
  • E = Elastomer - thermoplastic that looks and feels like rubber
  • O = Oil Resistant Outer Jacket
  • OO = Oil Resistant Outer Jacket and Oil Resistant Insulation
  • W = CSA Weather and Water Resistant (approved for indoor and outdoor use)


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For what applications would I use Portable Cord?

Portable Cord is great for applications that require flexibility. Portable cord also performs well in extreme environments - both the heat and the cold. Finally, portable cord is also great for jobsites where resistance to oil, chemicals and abrasion is mandatory.


When did SPT-2 replace SPT-1 power supply cords on portable lamps?

SPT-2 replaced SPT-1 in January 1999.

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