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Which types of specialty coaxial cable does Allied carry?

Allied offers LMR coaxial cables, high temperature coax, high voltage coax, strip braid cables, spiral strip coax cables, spiral flex cables, TCOM Low Loss Passive Intermod Coax, and more.

Does Allied distribute specialty coax from brand name manufacturers?

Yes, Allied offers a variety of specialty coaxial cables from the following companies:

  • Harbour Industries (Low Loss Coaxial Cable, Spiral Flex Cable, Strip Braid Cable, Spiral Strip Cable)
  • Times Microwave (LMR Coaxial Cable, TCOM Low Loss Passive Intermod Coax)
  • Rowe Industries (High Voltage Coaxial Cable, High Temperature Coaxial Cable)

What designates something as a specialty coaxial cable? What makes them different from a standard cable?

Specialty coaxial cables have characteristics that make them stand out from standard coax options. They use innovative constructions, different materials, and/or have extreme ratings. These things may not be necessary for a lot of cable jobs, but they may be required for more demanding applications.

Why choose specialty coax over something like a MIL-C-17 cable?

Although MIL-C-17 cables are designed to meet military standards and are therefore pretty rugged cables, they may not be the absolute best options for certain applications. For example, many of the specialty coaxial cables manufactured by Harbour Industries, including low loss coax, spiral strip coax, strip braid coax, and spiral flex coax, offer lower attenuations, smaller sizes and weights, better shielding effectiveness, or better flexibility than similar MIL-C-17 cables.

What kinds of applications are specialty coax cables used for?

For more general information about coax cabling, read through our Coaxial Cable FAQ.


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