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What kinds of tubing are available?

Three of the most common types of tubing are:


What is Heat Shrink Tubing?


Heat Shrink Tubing is a tube that contracts when warmed. When heat is applied to heat shrink tubing, the adhesive material inside of the heat shrinkable tubing is activated. The material then secures it to the wire or cable. This allows the wire or cable and the tubing to become one unified product.


What is the purpose of Heat Shrink Tubing?


Heat shrink tubing is a great way to protect electric wires and cables from harmful elements such as water, oils, acids and other environmental hazards. Heat Shrink Tubing is an alternative to customary methods of insulation.


Where can I find more information about Heat Shrink Tubing?


Check out our Heat Shrink Tubing FAQ or watch our helpful Heat Shrinkable Tubing How To Video.


What is Spiral Wrap?


Spiral Wrap is a great way to keep a cluster of wire and cable bunched together. Spiral wrap is most commonly used in wire harnesses. Spiral wrap organizes your wire and cable pieces and helps prevent individual pieces from straying.


What is Conduit Tubing?


Conduit tubing is the toughest material used to protect wire and cable. Conduit tubing is made from a harder and thicker plastic than other types of tubing and is mainly used to protect wire and cable used in aggressive areas or hazardous environments. It is damage-resistant and can be offered in a liquid-tight form. Conduit tubing is also available with a slit down the middle for easy access to the wire and cable. This is known as Split Loom Tubing. Conduit is rough and rigid on the outside, with a smooth interior for easy maneuverability.

Heat shrink tubing, spiral wrap and conduit tubing are available in an array of sizes and color. They are available in PVC and Teflon, including PTFE, FEP, ETFE versions. Click here to visit the Tubing section of our online catalog where you can view specs or request a quote on heat shrink tubing, spiral wrap or conduit tubing / split wire loom tubing.


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