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Welding Wire

Welding Wire

What is welding cable?

It is a cable that is very finely stranded for flexibility. It is also sometimes referred to as a grounding cable. Most weld wire resists flame, grease, abrasion, tar, and oil and possesses good color retention. This type of cable is typically used because of its flexibility and versatility.


Can I use welding wire in marine applications?

Although weld wire is often used for battery cables in marine applications, the insulation must be oil and water-resistant. If the cable is not oil and water resistant, it can become saturated.


In what applications can I use weld wire?

Allied Wire's welding cables have neoprene jackets, making them appropriate for tight battery applications, as well as superior alternatives to battery cable. Welding cables can also be used for secondary voltage resistance welding leads and in power supply applications not exceeding 600 volts.



Are welding cables safe for everyday use?

Yes! Weld wire is great for a variety of reasons, but safety measures should always be taken when using it. In order to protect welding cables, keep them clean of grease and oil, and out of damp conditions if they are not constructed for water. Be sure to look for imperfections in the cable and if you see any worn spots, wrap the welding cable with rubber, plastic, or friction tape. Replace the cable if damage to the cable is within three feet of the electrode.

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