Frequently Asked Questions: Conduit Tubing

Conduit Tubing

Conduit tubing

What Is Conduit Tubing?

Conduit tubing is the toughest material used to protect wire and cable. Conduit tube is made from a harder and thicker plastic than the other types of tubing. It is mainly used to protect wire and cable being used in hazardous areas and can be found in applications such as automotive wiring. Conduit is damage-resistant and can be offered in a liquid-tight form. Conduit tubing is also available with a slit down the middle for easy access to the wire and cable. Conduit is rough and rigid on the outside, while smooth and on the interior for easy maneuverability. This product is also referred to as split loom or split wire loom tubing.

What Does "Raceway" Mean?

In the world of conduit, the term “raceway” refers to rigid metal conduit. According to the NEC, raceway is a circular steel tube intended for steering electrical or optical fibers and cables. Conduit tubing is commonly used as raceway systems for electrical wiring in residential, commercial and industrial residences.

What Is Split Loom Conduit?

Split loom tubing is a protection for wire and cable. Split wire loom tubing has a full length slit down the side which allows for fast installation of cable assemblies. The conduit tubing also closes for a permanent covering. Split wire loom tubing is available in three different materials: General Purpose Polyethylene Split Loom, High Temperature Nylon Split Loom and Extra Flexible Polypropylene Conduit.

Who Should I Look to for Conduit Tubing Standards and Specifications?

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