Frequently Asked Car Speaker Wire Questions

Car Speaker Wire

Car Speaker Wire

What is Car Speaker Wire?

Most often, speaker wire is the electrical link between loudspeakers and amplifiers. Although it is often used with automotive stereos, it isn't necessarily only used in cars. The construction of speaker wire consists of two insulated electrical conductors. Allied Wire and Cable's speaker wires consist of one bare and one tinned copper conductor in a clear PVC jacket.


When can speaker wire be used?


Speaker wire can be used in low voltage applications, such as radios, public address systems and music systems. It is often used in automotive applications, which is why we list it as car speaker wire.


Is the gauge size of speaker wire important?


To carry an amplified signal, speaker wire needs adequate thickness. Because cable thickness is measured in gauge, the gauge size of the wire is important to take into consideration. The American Wire Gauge (AWG) uses lower numbers to indicate thicker wire and higher numbers to indicate thinner wire, so be sure to check the AWG size when choosing your wire.

For a complete listing of car speaker wire and AWG sizes, visit our online catalog.


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