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Marine Cable

Marine Cable

What types of marine cable does Allied Wire and Cable stock?

Three different types of marine cable are available:


Does marine wire tolerate the same temperature in both wet and dry conditions?


While GPTM (Bare Copper) marine wire and GPTM (Tinned Copper) marine wire stand temperatures up to 105 C in marine conditions, Flat Multi-Conductor Marine Cable can stand 105 C in dry conditions and up to 75 C in wet conditions.


When can marine wire and cable be used?


Marine wire can be used anytime for brake cable and general circuit wiring in marine applications.


Where can I find out what type of marine cable will work best for me?


To view a complete listings of marine cable or marine cable and their usages, click here to visit our product catalog.

How is shipboard cable used?

Shipboard cable can be used for power, communication, control, lighting, electronic, instrumentation, and special purpose applications.


What are the M24640 and M24643 mil spec standards?


These mil specs were developed in response to flammability, smoke, and toxicity concerns, and are meant to provide extra safety measures for the people and equipment aboard naval ships. The Navy requires that cables meeting these specifications be used on all new ship builds as well as in all modernization projects.

More specifically, the M24640 specification addresses lightweight low smoke shipboard cables. These emit little smoke and can be used to reduce the drag of unnecessary weight on the ship. The M24643 specification describes low smoke zero halogen shipboard cables. These do not emit toxic fumes when in contact with fire and also emit little smoke. Both of these qualities make them safer for use on manned ships.


What are NAVSEA coax cables?


These are low smoke zero halogen coaxial cables used for emitting radio/high frequencies. NAVSEA coax cables are low in toxicity and durable due to their excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance. These cables meet the M17 specification and are fit for use on naval ships.


Marine Wire UL Standards


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