Custom Boat Cable


Custom Boat Cable

When a customer in the boating and marine industry couldn’t find the boat cable they needed for their application, they turned to Allied for help. An Allied sales rep suggested a made-to-order solution when the requested material couldn’t be sourced. The customer and their rep worked together to bring this custom boat cable to life.

Boat cable typically consists of just two or three conductors and has a flat construction, but this customer requested something different — a round boat cable with five conductors and a mylar tape shield.

This custom boat cable had five stranded, tinned copper conductors, each 18 AWG in size. Each conductor was color-coded for easy identification: one black, brown, red, green, and white. The cable featured PVC insulation and jacket, a common choice for marine cable. Typically, marine cable is not shielded, but per the customer’s request, a 100% coverage mylar tape shield was added into the custom boat cable. This cable was rated to 600 volts and, thanks to the PVC features, has a temperature rating up to 105°C when dry and 75°C when wet. 

Allied’s new customer was very pleased with our customer service, and their experience was further enhanced with a quick lead time for their custom cable. The cable was in the customer’s hands within five weeks of placing the order.

Do you need a quick turnaround for your application? Call our custom cable experts today at 800-472-4655 to see how we can you with your custom cable needs, or visit our Custom Cable Design Center

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