Custom Cable with UV Resistant Jacket

The idea of keeping our water supplies clean may not be something we think about often, but, luckily, there are companies out there that do. A customer of ours is in the business of manufacturing sensors and monitoring devices for water quality control.

Our customer was looking for a cable similar to one of Belden’s instrumentation cables. The cable needed to meet several specifications: six conductors, a drain wire, specific color code, PVC insulation and a black UV resistant jacket. Belden’s particular instrumentation cable doesn’t include the required jacket rating that our customer needed, so Allied built a custom cable with a UV-resistant jacket.

The customer’s application required a small cable, staying under the original spec’s OD of 0.71”. Even with 6 conductors of varying sizes (a shielded 24 AWG quad and two 22 AWG single conductors), we were able to decrease the OD by almost 30 percent. The customer was most concerned about the outer layer, however. Our product design engineer selected a special PVC compound, one that was UV resistant and available in the customer’s color choice of black. As an added benefit, the temperature range also increased by 15 degrees Celsius over the original specifications.

Sometimes modifying just one part of a cable is what makes it custom, making it a better fit for your needs. Call us to speak with one of our custom cable designers to find out whether a custom cable works best for your application!

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