Custom LMR Cable


Custom LMR Cable

There’s a lot of overlap in the electric utility and wire and cable industries. When one of our customers who works in the electric utility industry approached Allied Wire and Cable about a custom cable, we were happy to help. Our customer knew that their application would require a custom cable, but when they didn’t know how to proceed with the design, they decided to contact Allied Wire and Cable's custom cable experts.

Our customer was looking for a custom cable to be used for a dual purpose (cellular/GPS) antenna. They provided us with an overview of the specifications they needed, and we were able to work closely with our partners to create a custom LMR cable.

The main characteristic that made the cable fit into the custom category was that it required two LMR 195 cables under the same jacket. It also needed to be UV-rated. Along with our partner, we created a custom LMR cable with a black PVC jacket and added rod-type fillers to keep the cable round. Even with the added fillers, we were still able to keep the OD at 0.45.

Sometimes all you have to do is make a few modifications and additions to a cable that already exists in order to have the perfect fit for your application. If you’re in a similar situation, let Allied Wire and Cable help! Call one of our custom cable experts today at 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started.

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