Custom Cell Tower Cable


Custom Cell Tower Cable

Depending on where you are, Allied Wire and Cable may have played a part in your last call! We helped to design a custom hybrid cable used in the cell towers that send wireless signals to your phone.

Wireless service providers needed a custom cell tower cable that would work with their 5G upgrades. Allied Wire and Cable developed a custom hybrid cable, featuring power and fiber optic components to meet all their 5G needs in one cable.

Challenges of the design included its weight, size and the necessity for more power. Cables previously used for wireless service featured unwieldy corrugated coverings, which made the cable thick, heavy and difficult to handle. To solve these problems, Allied Wire and Cable created a design using copper tape to ground the cable. Using copper tape in place of the corrugated covering significantly reduced the O.D. and weight of the cable, making it more flexible and easier to install.

To operate the 5G wireless systems, the cell towers need bigger motors to run the radios, which emit the wireless signals. That meant the cable also needed to handle more power. Our custom cell tower cable was built with larger-gauge conductors to meet these requirements.

In the end, the wireless service providers were very happy with their custom cell tower cable. Not only did the smaller, more flexible construction make installation easier, but it also saved them money. Wireless providers must pay rent for every inch of the cell tower they use for their cable installation, and with three cables on each tower, it can add up. Thanks to the reduced diameters of Allied Wire and Cable’s design, the cables took up less space and providers were able to save on lease costs.

Need a custom cable for your unique application? Visit our Custom Cable Design Center to tell us about your requirements and discover what Allied Wire and Cable can do for you.

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