Custom Coil Cord


Custom Coil Cord

In the food and beverage industry, being able to accurately test storage temperatures is critical to maintaining product quality and safety. When one food distribution company had problems with the cable connecting its temperature probes, Allied Wire and Cable got a call for custom cable.

Probes are used to regulate the temperatures of boxcars and shipping palettes to ensure the food maintains a safe temperature while it’s being transported. On a regular basis, the operator must plug the cord into the temperature gauge and insert the probe end into the palette to read its temperature. Problems arose when too much movement would cause the cable to pull out of the gauge, destroying the equipment.

That’s where Allied Wire and Cable comes in. Allied Wire and Cable developed a custom coil cord for the application, which was paired with special connectors, so that the cable would break away from the gauge when the cable was pulled.

With the new design, the custom coil cord would disconnect without causing any damage. It was engineered to be much more flexible than the food distributor’s previous cable solution, featuring a higher strand count and different jacket material. With the final touch of the breakaway connector, the cable met the needs of the application perfectly.

In the end, the custom coil cord not only made the temperature probes easier to use but also saved the distributor a lot of money by saving their equipment from costly damage.

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