Custom Composite Audio Cable


Custom Composite Audio Cable

Whether above ground or below, a mine can be a dangerous place. Mine workers have to be alert to their surroundings and ready to react. A good communication system, too, can prevent injuries and save lives. That's why a customer specializing in the manufacturing of communication equipment for industrial settings contacted Allied Wire and Cable to create a trustworthy custom composite audio cable.

This custom audio cable is an original design from our customer. They knew what they wanted and that Allied Wire and Cable had the means to make it. 

Because a mine is fraught with many potential dangers, the customer opted for a custom composite cable to avoid creating any extra hazards, combining multiple cables under one jacket. The custom cable features 17 PVC-insulated and color-coded copper conductors grouped into one triad and seven pairs under a PVC jacket. It's a rugged cable, meeting the extra impact and crush tests required to earn its UL/CSA TC-ER approval.

Composite cables can solve a lot of problems. For this customer, the custom construction was good for safety and productivity. If you’re looking to reduce the number of cables needed in your applications for any reason, consider building a custom composite cable detailed to your specific needs with Allied Wire and Cable! Visit our Custom Cable Design Center or call 800-472-4655 to be put in touch with a custom cable expert today.

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