Custom Composite Cable

Composite constructions combine multiple cables under one jacket to simplify and streamline the wiring of an application. If done right, custom composite cables can save you money, space, and headaches.

Possibilities are unlimited when it comes to custom composite cable and custom hybrid cable. You can combine various AWG sizes and materials, and even multiple types of cable that serve different functions in the application. For example, video cables and data cables may be combined under a single jacket for use in advanced surveillance systems.

Choosing a composite cable rather than a laundry list of individual parts will almost always save you money in the long run. Handling the cable also becomes much easier. Instead of dealing with a tangled bunch of individual wires, all of the necessary parts are built into a single custom cable solution that is easier to install, and takes up much less space.

Allied’s custom cable engineers have created countless composite constructions to meet the unique needs of our customers. One of Allied’s widely used custom composite cables can be found everywhere from the roadside rest stops of New Jersey to the Panama Canal. This specialty cable was designed for use in streetlights which were equipped with a lighting element that could be lowered for repairs, as well as a video camera for area surveillance and traffic monitoring.

The composite construction included power and video elements to service all of the needs of the application in just one cable, using materials that accounted for the cable’s outdoor installation and weatherability requirements, as well as its need to withstand movement during repairs.

Could custom composite cables streamline your application? Visit our custom cable design center to start creating your custom solution, or call 800-472-4655 to discuss your requirements with one of Allied’s custom cable experts.


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