Custom Composite Communication Cable


Custom Composite Communication Cable

When stepping into dangerous situations, you need to have the right tools for the job—especially when there's a life on the line. Negotiating with hostage takers is one of those situations. That’s why this customer came to Allied Wire and Cable for custom composite communication cable, and we were happy to take on the challenge of building the cable when no one else would.

The customer needed the custom communication cable as part of a phone device so negotiators could speak to hostage takers, assess the situation and arrive at a safe, peaceful solution. The phone would need to be thrown into volatile environments, tossed through cracked doors and open windows. This meant the cable had to be flexible and tough. Stranded bare copper conductors are flexible, and the polyurethane (PUR) jacket is pliant while providing protection from abrasion. These features allow the cable to withstand harsh treatment and a great deal of twisting and winding to deliver the messages that need to be heard. Finally, Allied Wire and Cable provided the customer with a unique print legend and a custom put-up to complete their custom cable order.

Allied Wire and Cable is proud to serve our communities and help make difficult situations easier. If you have a unique situation and need unique tools, bring on Allied Wire and Cable to make you a custom cable to suit your specific needs! Visit our Custom Cable Design Center or call 800-472-4655 to speak with a custom cable expert.

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