Custom Composite Power Cable


Custom Composite Power Cable

Composite power cables serve a multitude of purposes in even the most rugged environments. In this case, Allied Wire and Cable built a custom composite power cable for a specialized robotics manufacturer experienced in the energy and mining industries, particularly in pipeline applications.

The customer came to us with a design and the confidence that Allied would be able to build it for them, as we have created similar cables for them in the past. This time, the custom power cable we were asked to manufacture was for a piece of oil field equipment. The cable would be run from a control panel to a tool that can produce high temperatures.

The custom composite cable specs called for two 10 AWG power wires as well as four smaller data wire pairs of different sizes, all tinned copper conductors insulated with FEP. In addition to its wide operating-temperature range, FEP insulation is also resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, ocone and oils—an important characteristic in many pipeline projects. These pairs were bound together under a thermoplastic elastomer jacket, which offers a desirable combination of properties in robotic applications. It is moldable yet retains the flexibility and stretch of rubber. TPE, however, is not known for its heat or chemical resistance, but because the jacket would be stripped back and away from the heat, the durable material was a suitable option.

The Allied Wire and Cable sales representative on the case had only one suggestion to improve the custom cable design: to use a stranded conductor construction, rather than solid, so that the flexibility of the conductor would match that of the insulation and jacket. The customer agreed with the wisdom, and the specs were adjusted before finalizing the order. From there, the sales representative was able to expedite the manufacturing process to meet the demands of the customer’s tight schedule.

Have a custom cable solution already drawn up like the customer above? Or could you use some expert advice to get rolling with your design? Either way, Allied Wire and Cable can help. Call 800-472-4655 to speak with a sales representative or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started.

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