Custom Composite Transit Cable


Custom Composite Transit Cable

A customer of ours in the transit industry was looking to simplify their installation time of three separate cables in their trains and buses.

This customer has been installing three separate cables, including one power cable, one ignition wire and a CAT5e-shielded communication cable with shrink tubing encasing all three components on their transportation vehicles. After dealing with many headaches and long installation times, the customer called Allied Wire and Cable for help. The customer wanted to run just one cable that incorporated all three cables, so we assisted them in designing a custom composite transit cable for their application.

The customer had specific cables in mind for the composite cable. They wanted UL 1007/1569 for the power and ignition wire substitutes and another shielded CAT5e patch cable. The jacket on this cable needed to be low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) because it would be used in public trains and buses.

Because this customer knew exactly what they needed, the design process was simple; Allied Wire and Cable and our design partners were able to further simplify their cable by color coding the power and ignition wires in yellow for easy identification. The custom cable consisted of a 3-conductor, 14 AWG UL1007 cable for power and the stranded, 24 AWG shielded CAT5e cable the customer requested. The overall jacket was made of black LSZH material.

If you find yourself tackling long installation times because of multiple cables, maybe a composite cable would do the trick! Give Allied Wire and Cable’s custom cable design experts a call at 800-472-4655 to see what they can do for you or visit Allied’s Custom Cable Design Center.

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