Custom Computer Cable


Custom Computer Cable

Communication is the key to any great relationship. A custom computer cable for a flight simulator was the obvious choice for a company that specializes in real-life flight-simulator training.

Our customer needed a very specific design so that their product—in this case, flight simulators—could perform optimally. The customer provided an Allied Wire and Cable sales representative with part numbers that were similar to what they were hoping to create for this custom computer cable design. It didn’t take long but after understanding what specs the reference cables had and engineering some specialty design work, we were able to fulfill this custom computer cable request.

Our team asked all the right questions and, with great communication between the Allied Wire and Cable team and the customer, they designed the perfect custom 20 AWG computer cable with two conductors with tinned copper braid and gray PVC jacket, among other requested custom specifications. The customer was happy, and our sales representative was able to make this happen.

Have you experienced this issue before? Have you been trying to piece together bits of information to get the exact product that you need? Are you worried that the entire process is just going to be a lot of extra hassle and money? Allied Wire and Cable's experts are trained to help with those exact types of problems, and they will take on the detective role and piece together all the information for you so that the custom cable you design with them will be the exact cable you are looking for. Call us at 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started today.

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