Custom Fiber Optic Cable


Custom Fiber Optic Cable

When a plane skidded off the runway at LaGuardia Airport in bad weather, a security fence sustained serious damage. Not long after the near-disaster, one of our customers brought us an urgent request for custom fiber optic cable on the behalf of Homeland Security. Though they had taken immediate measures to ensure safety at the airport, they were eager to outfit the replaced section of fence with advanced cabling for alarms and surveillance.

The custom fiber cable design called for a composite construction with two FEP-insulated tinned copper wires cabled together with a four-fiber multimode tight buffered plenum fiber-optic cable. The FEP wires would power the fence's alarm system, and the fiber cable would carry the data that allows the cameras mounted on the fence to help keep things secure around the airport perimeter.

Expected to serve its critical security functions in all conditions, the custom cable had to be robust. The power and fiber components were bundled together under a specially formulated polyurethane jacket that provides excellent resistance to oil, oxidation, ozone and abrasion, with excellent low-temperature and impact strength.

The normal lead time for a custom fiber optic cable is six to eight weeks, but due to the urgency of the situation, Allied Wire and Cable turned it around in just more than three weeks.

Our customer knew that we could be counted on to understand their circumstances and meet tough time demands while still creating a high-quality cable that would measure up to the standards of Homeland Security. If you need custom cable and are in a bind, we'll work with you. Just call 800-742-4655 and explain what you need to one of our custom cable experts.

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