Custom Flat Flex Festoon Cable


Custom Flat Flex Festoon Cable

Jetting away somewhere anytime soon? You’ll notice as you board your plane, you walk through a passenger boarding bridge. These bridges are movable connectors that allow the terminal gate to attach to the plane, so you don’t have to go outside to get on your flight.

Because these bridges move from one terminal gate to another, a lot of flexibility is required.

A customer of ours who specializes in aircraft parts was looking for a flexible cable to be used in an airport bridge. They were hoping to find something in stock to suit their application, but what they were looking for didn’t exist. We went to the drawing board and concocted a custom flat flex festoon cable as a solution to their application.

Flat festoon cable is great in extreme flexing applications such as in a portable airport bridge. Festoon cables are also designed in a flat construction, so the cable won’t coil in use.

At the core of this custom festoon cable are four conductors, which are constructed of flexible, soft-drawn, bare-copper conductors. Because flexibility was the most important factor to the customer, Class K stranding was chosen for the job. Class K conductors feature a much higher count of wire strands, which allows the cable higher flexibility.

In this composite cable, we combined three 4/0 conductors along with one 2 AWG conductor under a single jacket to create a simpler solution for the customer. The other option was for the customer to buy separate cables and bind them together, but, this custom flat flex festoon cable allows them to optimize their space.

If you’ve been looking for cable that you’re unable to find anywhere, contact us to see if a custom cable will fit your application! You can also visit our Custom Cable Design Center, or call 800-472-4655 to speak with a knowledgeable sales representative.

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