Custom High Temperature Wire


Custom High Temperature Wire

With the wide range of high temperature wire on the market, the needs of most applications can be met off-the-shelf. But what about when you’re purposely putting a product to the test, just to see how it will hold up under demanding circumstances? You can rely on Allied for a custom high temperature wire to take the heat!

A leading manufacturer of vehicle electronics came to Allied Wire when they were looking for a high temperature wire to be used in their testing processes. The cable would be part of a wiring harness designed to monitor the results of a transmission fluids cycling test. Beyond the extreme temperature requirements, the customer needed the high temp wire to resist the oil and chemicals it would come into contact with in the application. Because there were no off-the-shelf options that fit the customer’s temperature and resistance requirements, a custom high temperature cable was the perfect solution.

The Allied representative was able to assist the customer in designing a custom high temperature wire with FEP jacketing and insulation as well as an aluminum/mylar overall shield with 100% coverage. The wire was rated up to 200°C—a temperature higher than what the customer originally specified! The extra room in the cable’s temperature capabilities really impressed the customer and made it an even better fit for their challenging application.

The customer’s expectations were high, but the account representative rose to the challenge. The custom cable exceeded the specified requirements for a great price and with a short lead time of just two weeks.

If your project needs can’t be met with an off-the-shelf option, contact an Allied Wire and Cable account representative about designing a custom cable solution. Call 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to start right now.

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