Custom High Voltage Wire


Custom High Voltage Wire

When this customer came to Allied Wire & Cable, they didn't know what to do because the specific wire they were looking for was no longer being manufactured. Had they gone to any other company, that would have been the end of the story, but Allied’s custom cable experts were able to build a custom high voltage wire and provide our customer with a product they believed was obsolete.

Our customer was looking to recreate a high voltage wire they had been purchasing previously. Allied achieved the necessary 10kV rating by choosing the best materials for the job, starting with a silver-plated copper conductor. In addition to its excellent electrical properties, silver plating gives the wire a higher maximum temperature rating, so it can endure the extreme heat that may accompany high voltage.

The conductor isn’t the only important factor; the insulation is also critical to this custom wire. Silicone rubber was selected, a strong choice for high voltage wire as it also has strong electrical properties and heat resistance. It protects against oxidation and extreme weather conditions, as well as oils, UV rays, and ozone.

With Allied’s help, our customer was able to get the exact wire they needed—a wire they thought was gone for good. If you need help finding wire and cable, or need to get something special, visit our Custom Cable Design Center, or call 800-472-4655 to speak with a custom cable expert.

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