Custom Instrument Cable


Custom Instrument Cable

When a manufacturer of military vehicles approached Allied Wire and Cable’s custom cable experts, all they had was a complex wire diagram depicting the custom instrument cable/ethernet cable they required for their military application. While other vendors no-quoted the customer because they had yet to develop a full spec, we welcomed the opportunity to work with them. One of our custom cable experts went the extra mile and helped engineers design the perfect custom instrument cable for the military application.

The custom cabling would be installed in a military vehicle prototype to operate multiple cameras. For optimal performance, the prototype would consist of a number of cables, including Mil-Spec wire, signal pairs, custom instrument cable and some commercial ethernet cables.

With limited space in the application, the manufacturer was worried about fitting numerous cables into the prototype. The Allied Wire and Cable representative, however, accounted for this concern in the cable’s overall design by creating a custom composite cable to save space. The custom composite cable incorporated all the necessary components cabled together under one jacket, allowing the manufacturer to install one product rather than running 12 separate cables through the vehicle. The streamlined composite cable construction was smaller, less expensive and easier to manage than using individual stock cables, all while delivering the same level of performance.

At the time, the manufacturer was just beginning the prototype process and knew they would only need a relatively small amount of custom cable for their first prototype product. We were able to provide the flexibility the customer needed with their order requirements. With Allied Wire and Cable’s low minimums, running a shorter length wasn’t a problem. While other vendors require higher minimums, we can offer custom lengths sometimes as short as 500 or 1,000 feet.

Whether you’re looking for prototype runs to test different cable designs or only a short length of custom cable to use before building more prototypes, Allied Wire and Cable will work with you to meet your particular needs.

Manufacturing a new product and need a custom cable to complete the design? Check out Allied Wire and Cable’s Custom Cable Design Center and tell us your custom cable requirements.

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